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The CD-Rom Coffee Cup Holder

One day I walked into a wholesaler called BMS and overheard a phone conversation.

 Technician: “Hello, BMS Support”.

Customer: “Hi, BMS, I want to know if my coffee cup holder is covered under warranty?”.


Technician: “Sorry, ma’am this is for Computer Support, are you calling the right place?”


Customer: “Yes, the coffee Cup holder that came with my PC has broken, and I want to know if it is covered under warranty?”


Technician: “Did you get this holder as part of a promotion?”


Customer: “No, it just came with my PC.”


Technician: “Can you please explain what this coffee cup holder looks like?”


Customer: “Well normally, it is opens up with the push of a small cream button and the coffee cup tray comes out of this slot on the front and I can put my cup on it – but it is no longer coming out when I push the button.”


Technician: “Sorry ma’am, but this item you are talking about we don’t refer to as a coffee cup holder but a CD-Rom drive, and if you have been using it as a coffee cup holder, then No, this is not covered under warranty.”

This was the first time I had heard of using a CD-Rom drive as a coffee cup holder.  I asked the technician who it was that was doing this, and his answer was that it was someone from a government department.


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