Server Strorage
Server Storage - Only in Australia Server storage is an important topic for your business. Your server needs to be well looked after to perform at its maximum capability without issues. Servers should be mounted correctly, kept seperate from main areas and kept cool to avoid over heating. Over the […]

Server Storage – Only in Australia

Take Extreme Care When Opening Up Your PC In the 1990s Australia experienced one of its record breaking heatwaves.   As a result PC’s have been failing in loads of places as they struggled to operate in the horrid conditions – specifically those in places without air conditioning.   On this particular […]

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The CD-Rom Coffee Cup Holder One day I walked into a wholesaler called BMS and overheard a phone conversation.  Technician: “Hello, BMS Support”. Customer: “Hi, BMS, I want to know if my coffee cup holder is covered under warranty?”.   Technician: “Sorry, ma’am this is for Computer Support, are you […]

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The Most Expensive "Any" Key Its 1985, MS Dos has replaced CPM and us geeks are arguing about whether PC or MS Dos is more stable. Currently I am writing a database for some indigenous communities to calculate how much federal money is to be sent to Aboriginal run sites such […]

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