Horses for Courses – getting the right fit

We live in a world where choices are based on information. Looking for and finding good information helps us make better decisions. Getting the right fit for you and your business can be the difference between success and failure.

Life choices

Where any of us are right now is the sum total of the decisions we have made to this point in time good, bad or indifferent. A cocktail of circumstances and life events has shaped our lives to date.

Experience counts

As a former teacher I have long held the belief that schools in general are “training grounds” for the real world; a practice place for life beyond school. Choosing the “right” school for your child to attend can be difficult, but the right choice can make a big difference to the chances of them realizing their true potential, even shaping their future.

Accessing good information makes a difference

Many times parents would ask me about sending their child to a particular school – public or private, single sex or co-ed – and my answer would be the same; it’s horses for courses.

My advice now, as it was then, is to do your homework. Go gather information. Check out all the prospective schools in your area for what they can offer by way of opportunities to help your child succeed in whatever endeavour that they wish to pursue. Make it about them.

Details, details, details.

Are the schools you are considering more academic or sports minded, arts or music focused? You need to find a get the right fit. For how long have the staff been teaching and how experienced are they? What is the school’s ethos and what are the school’s goals, beliefs and even their motto. You may even check out the proximity of the school to your home. Details like this matter when you finally decide?

On what basis will you make your choice?

Also, let’s not forget your child. You should know them best of all; what they want, what they are good at, what makes them happy and which school their friends might be attending; talk with them. You may even want to check out what other parents say about the schools you are considering. Finally, ask yourself, is your choice of school for your child in their best interests or yours?

Options in getting the right fit

For me, it’s all about the options we have available to us at any time, limited or otherwise, that will allow us to make good choices. In business, as in life, it’s also horse for courses. What works for some people may not work for others. You need to find a good fit for your operation. In life as in business, experience and good planning is what we draw on when making decisions and good advice and good information are gold when it comes to moving forward confidently.

Better ways to organise your business

Gathering together information about your business is not always easy to do. From my experience in business, having worked with my wife for many years now, if your business is well set up and well organised it really helps in planning and decision making, giving you an edge over your competitors. In the end its about getting the right fit for your business; the people, the processes, the plan.

Using products like CRM-Map will certainly tailor your business to run more efficiently and effectively allowing you to easily assess your options, helping make better decisions quicker and more confidently.


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