How to get natural SEO advantage over your competition

Natural SEO means, you are higher on your search engine and don’t have to pay for adverts.  Here is some advice on how to do this, without the costs.

Step 1. Follow Googles Guidelines.

You will see in these guidelines, there are very clear instructions and directions.  The reason Google has to keep updating these rules is because people want to “Cheat” the system.  This information is not on how to cheat the system but how to really embrace using the system and increasing your SEO naturally but appropriately.  So firstly, know your guidelines.

Step 2. Make sure your website is Compliant.

It is fine to know your guidelines but the next thing is to apply them to your website.  So check your pages.  Check your images. Do your site plan. Etc.

Step 3. Consider how you can get people to use your Website, naturally, to increase its position.

Many companies are doing this by placing Orders online. E.g. Dominos.  You need to think outside the square.  Just the other day, a Building and pest Inspection company – Prescan approached us at CRM Map to load a map to his site, so his clients and prospective clients and even competition will use his site, to see where there are active pests e.g. Termites.  This means people will refer to his site, naturally, and using Google Maps.  This naturally raises his SEO.  Maps are now a high Plus on Natural SEO Raising.

You can raise your SEO Naturally with Maps, be they of your sites and locations, or of information for clients, or also so a client can track their jobs and see them on a map, even after ordering.

Step 4. Your site should be Living.

This means that you are updating information, pages, and even adding to your site on a very regular basis. This shows your credibility and that you are actively in your business and your desire to be found by clients.

What about Off Shore SEO consultants?

In short, you could get good ones and you can get a LOT OF SCAMMERS.  Just like all people, 100 People say they can do the job at the interview, 5 of them you would employ, and even after you select 1 to employ, you will find interpretation is rather interesting. I have personally tried off shore SEO specialists 3 times now.  Each time, it has cost me more than the Traffic I received.  I have also tried on shore SEO Specialists, that was just a more expensive version of the same lesson.

In the end, it is simple.  Google is a business.  They don’t want to give away what they should earn money for.  But to earn money, they need people to use their search engine.  So you comply with their SEO requests – in a true and natural way, and your natural SEO rises.  If you try to cheat the system, you may get away with this for a time, but not in the long term.  Your other option is that you purchase advertising e.g. Pay Per click, from Google. Whatever way you go, it is your choice; choose wisely.

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