Reducing Double Entry using a freely available product!

Reducing Double Entry using a freely available product.

If you have run a company or handle one’s administration, you are likely to have faced the issue of double entry. Double entry can often be incredibly time consuming and costly. Our custom developers find a lot of their work is around helping clients address this issue. Given that, there is a freely-available product you should look at before you reach for a more expert solution. It is called Zapier.

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Zapier is a ‘third party’ tool which lets you connect two other products together to automate some of their functions. For instance, you can use Zapier to automatically take entries from your web forms and store them in an excel sheet.

The tool can connect over 3,000 different products. Most of them are free if you send under 100 entries a month. You can find Zapier’s exact costs here.

The company who developed Zapier put a lot of effort into making it relatively intuitive to use. So, if you have someone who is ‘techy’, but not necessarily at the stage of being a coder/developer, they should still be able to use it without much difficulty.

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You can now use Zapier with Accede Maps. If the information your pulling has an address, you can now use Zapier to automatically update your map with another commercially available system. A tutorial on using this setup can be found here.

As a final note,

Zapier is not going to work for every integration. Therefore, we suggest you speak to a Data Specialist if you are using a custom product. Although, if the product has direct integrations, we recommend that you use that.

But, with all that said, Zapier is a very good product to be made aware of. Even in IT, there are some situations where it is easier to use something like this over building from scratch.

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