Not For Profit Map

Not For Profit Map

Accede Maps’ Solutions for NFP Organisations

darrin johnson

Darrin Johnson

Executive Manager, Marketing & Fundraising

“NFP Map is proving to be valuable new tool for the RSB. Not only does it allow us to visualise geographical clusters in our customers, donors and volunteers for targeted marketing, it also increased the productivity of our field and sales staff in planning visits allowing them to efficiently visit multiple supporters. This is a simple to use and cost effective tool.”


Rebecca Miller

Fundraising Team Leader

“In all my years as a fundraising professional, this is the resource I never realised I needed so much – until I saw it in action. NFP Map allows RSB to maximise resources and create efficiencies in our processes. It provides intel, in an instant, that would have previously taken forever to collate manually. I highly recommend NFP Map as I truly believe the possibilities of use for this software are limitless.

Accede Maps are Proud sponsors of
The Royal Society for the Blind

How to improve managing your Donations Units

Eliminate messy spreadsheets, have instant alerts to when units need collecting or replacement with on the fly data of their fund’s status. Have instant data on which districts or businesses are collecting the most revenue towards your fundraising. Don’t waste time in areas that aren’t going to provide a return in investment. Utilize this live feedback to best decide where to put your resources and get the return your NFP needs.

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Human Resource Management – Improve Productivity and Care of your Staff and Clients

Images speak a 1000 words and this is especially true with on site Human Resource management. Help your carers to arrive in a safe and timely manner to their clients. Help your staff to know if they can fit in an emergency extra visit to someone without undue stress. Save time and doubling handling on reporting back on complete worked and automate your payroll and billing systems. All with one simple and easy to use tool – NFP Map.

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