Donation Unit Management

Managing Donation Units With Accede Maps

See where your donations are coming from to strategically plan re-engagement campaigns and find new leads

accede maps

Utilize Your Resources for Strategical Coin Collection

Eliminate messy spreadsheets, have instant alerts to when units need collecting or replacement with on the fly data of their fund’s status. Have instant data on which districts or businesses are collecting the most revenue towards your fundraising. Don’t waste time in areas that aren’t going to provide a return in investment. Utilize this live feedback to best decide where to put your resources and get the return your NFP needs.

Promote a Public Map of Where People Can Make Donations

NFP Map lets you freely embed a version of your map into your website. Use it to let your donors know where they can make donations. Also support those who support you by linking to their website increasing both of your websites’ SEOs.