IOT – To Fear or not To Fear – Has Big Brother taken Over?

IOT – Is big brother here?

IOT – Every day in every way, we are giving data to Big Brother.  This occurs when you shop at your supermarket, purchase on line, search on a browser or drive using your iAuto or Google Maps.  The list is really never ending as to how data is being gathered and used. The question is: Should we Fear or not Fear this current situation?

Data gathering and applying that data is not new. This is what Census taking is all about, and as we know, the Romans were taking census information from 435 BC onwards. The reported purpose of gathering this data was for a range of infrastructure needs to be fulfilled.

Data gathering is actually what this IOT is about. But the question is: Do all corporations and companies have the right to this data? Did you actually give them the right to your data?


Simply put, corporations and companies have been using all sorts of methods to gain data. From complaints, trends, contact details even body language and now your use of technology. Did you give them the right to access this information?

In some cases Yes, when you sign an agreement or use a product (e.g. Google Maps). But in other cases, by law, they do not need to seek your approval putting you  in a very vulnerable position.

IOT – What can you do?

You can’t do much. You can try to make sure that our laws are in place, acted upon and protecting our rights.  In short, our governments and leaders are not up to date.

They are not actually protecting us as we need to be. The only way this will change is if we see areas of vulnerability and be bold enough to report it and bring it to the attention of those people who can initiate change.

Conversely, some of our gathered data is really helping us. For example, search engines. Without data gathering, finding information would be much harder. Travel times and methods to different locations. Product Reviews. Pricing comparison products e.g. Trivago, compare the market. The ability for us to be able to do so much more, compare, check, review etc. has saved us all so much in time and effort. So quite often the IOT is really working for us.

Today, people are using the IOT for all sorts of day to day help, such as direct ordering from your fridge to your supermarket. Or some of the home systems e.g. Google Home Mini, Amazon Alexa. We are now using to turn on music, or all sorts of other nice home helps.
In simple terms, the annual Census we have been doing for years is just not enough. In fact, the last Australia census was such a mess, that the data cannot even be directly accessed, and the data was out of date even before some of it was available. So IOT is definitely supporting where the Census is falling short – and all to assist us.

Be assured the IOT is here to stay.

What I believe we need to do is make sure that we have better protection by our governments and that we become more aware and do not give away more information than we are prepared to give. What we are aware of is that every time technology is being used, our data is being tracked and recorded and can be utilized in a variety of ways. Just make sure the trade off is one you are comfortable with.

Cate Schafing:

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