Myob Map

Imagine being able to Map MYOB data and use it as a CRM

CRM-Map enables MYOB CRM Integration with Google Maps. MYOB has quite a few versions, from Premier Accounts, First Accounting, Retail Manager, the list never seems to end.  Most of their products give a CSV import and export option, but only for Adding new data or Reading existing data.

MYOB has recently also created a Cloud version of their Accounts Premier that offers an API interface.  The MYOB CRM integration we are offering is an interface with this Cloud version and Google Maps.  If you have another version you are seeking to interface, you will need to use the CSV option.

This interface will also enable you to use custom fields.

MYOB will not allow editing of data to be transferred, but it will allow for data entry.  As MYOB is not a CRM but an accounting package, the transactions that are about your customers, will be able to be read via MS Excel.  This can be transferred to other CRM’s, linked to MYOB, used for a range of options/reporting. CRM-Map will turn your MYOB accounting product into a simple CRM. This allows your business to use MYOB as a CRM and this mapping tool will let you see your company data at a glance.

ODBC WriteNow

ODBC WriteNow enables businesses to have a full two-way interface with their MYOB AccountRight data. This means you can read, write, and edit your MYOB Data in the cloud from your database or excel spreadsheet. If you’re looking for a MYOB Accountright Read/Write Interface, this solution is just right for you.

ODBC WriteNow provides a fast and flexible interface giving you full control of your data. You can now use your hard-earned MYOB Data to increase your business productivity, make informed decisions both in management and marketing.

This is the most revolutionary improvement since ODBC technology graduated to API’s.

What value can ODBC WriteNow bring to your business?

  • No more double handling; enter data once.
  • Easy to read and understand management reports.
  • Able to use your organisation’s MYOB data for other functions e.g. Marketing, CRM etc.

MYOB Item Sales



MYOB Sales – excluding Item Sales



MYOB Customer Cards & CRM-Map



MYOB Supplier Cards & CRM-Map



Turning your MYOB Data into a live CRM