Zoho Zoho combined with Accede Mapsis a popular Joomla based CRM which combined by the  Zoho Google Maps integration by Accede Maps, will give businesses a visual mapping tool for all their data needs.

Due to Zoho’s increasing popularity, that has grown due to its price, ease of use and flexibility, which Accede Maps duplicate. Accede Maps have decided to offer an interface to Zoho integration, via Zoho’s API.

The Zoho integration enables individual terminology and custom fields which the Zoho integration interface by Accede Maps builds on to create a dynamic and effective tool.  Once set up, your administrator will find this interface very easy to use.

Zoho, will not allow for data editing, but it does allow for data entry.

Faster Growth and Greater Sales

Zoho Google Maps integration interface by Accede Maps enables you to:

  • Generate more sales leads
  • Accurately forecast sales
  • Better manage pipelines to shorten sales cycles
  • Target top performing clients easier
  • Increase your up sell and cross sell
  • Generate higher quality leads
  • Better utilize marketing automation
  • Track customer lifetime value
  • Retain more customers
  • Become better customer centric
  • Reduce case resolution time
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Increase business profitability
  • Increase return on investment