Will Your Business Survive the Next IT Revolution? 4 out of 5 Businesses Won’t!  In the past 5 years, billions of dollars have been invested by IT companies to enable flexibility in the business environment such as cloud computing, mobile apps, Google Searches and now Google Maps integration. So what […]

Will Your Business Survive the Next IT Revolution?

Every day in every way business owners seek to increase business profits, with little or no costs and low effort.  Well, I have been running an SME in IT (a highly turnover business area) for 35 years.  Because of my skills and experience in IT, I am regularly called to […]

Increase Business Profits in 6 Easy and Low-Cost Steps

Last year a report came out from the Rider, Levett, Bucknall group known as the oceania report. This RLB report from 2017 found a link between the increased demands for wage increases and the cost of construction. The report researched the differing situations in each Australian state with some interesting […]

Wage and Labour demands in the B&C Industry