API – Google Maps API Database integration tool

Accede Maps is the market leading Google Maps API Database integration tool.  API (Application Programming Interface) is a common, securely form of Interface between products, specifically cloud based products. It is with this interface, that Accede Maps will integrate any product to Google Maps.  With this tool you can create automatic integration with your data.

The advantage of this is that you only add and transmit the data you wish to. With Accede Maps integrating your Data with the Google Maps API Database integration is fast, simple and easy to automate.

The less data transferred, the faster APIthe transfer and less likelihood of breakdown.

API’s are now the recognized secure way to communicate between products. As Accede Maps is a cloud based product, we strongly recommend that you use this style of interface if your product is not on this list.

It is not uncommon to need a programmer to assist you to set up the API format you wish to use. We have for many of the common products already enabled the API interface into these products.  If you have a product that you believe should be added to our list of enabled products, please contact us and tell us all about this product.  If we find that a good number of people use this product, then we will consider adding the API interface for that product as a standard.