Remote IT
The Future of IT is Remote – How Are Companies Handling the Challenges? It’s safe to say that COVID-19 impacted the business world across the board. And while the IT industry is not on the frontlines of the pandemic, it will nevertheless be changed long-term, and possibly forever. The switch […]

The Future of IT is Remote – How Are Companies ...

Only in Australia
Business: Only in Australia - The view from upside down! Drugs, Mental Health, Superannuation, Weather Leave, Public Holidays, Employee Care - I could go on all day about these types of employer responsibilities. Why am I writing about this in IT? Well it's very simple, business in Australia: Only the […]

Auzzie IT – Business: Only in Australia

Every day in every way business owners seek to increase business profits, with little or no costs and low effort.  Well, I have been running an SME in IT (a highly turnover business area) for 35 years.  Because of my skills and experience in IT, I am regularly called to […]

Increase Business Profits in 6 Easy and Low-Cost Steps