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Server Storage - Only in Australia

Server storage is an important topic for your business. Your server needs to be well looked after to perform at its maximum capability without issues. Servers should be mounted correctly, kept seperate from main areas and kept cool to avoid over heating. Over the years I have experienced some perfect server storage solutions but I have also encountered, and had to work in, some interesting, scary and down right disgusting server storage areas - Only in Australia.

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Worst Smelling Server - EVER

Due to a lack of space in a warehouse, this server was located in the Mens Toilet.  Yes, Toilets were often used, but a man’s toilet – which was never cleaned was the worst.  The only place to sit was on the throne looking to the heavens for the screen, and taking in all the odours and ambience of this environment.  You can guess that I refused to go in and work in that scenario - I mean – totally refused.

Scariest Server

Truckies workshop, on top of all the grease, metal filings etc. sat a shelf. On this shelf, believe it or not, sat the server. No power backup, no fans, no protection at all.  Just a DYI server that a client had setup. To work at this server, we stood at a bench, and hoped that what we saw long distance, on a really poor quality screen was not miss read.

server storage

Hottest Server

The day I visited this server, was a 45C degree day. Very hot.  To make matters worse the server was in its own area but where was this server? – you got it, in a tin shed out the back.  The temperatures must have been over 55C in that little shed.  I was physically sick just being in there for a few minutes – literally.  How that server ever operated was beyond me.

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Caged up Server

In a factory  I once visited, sat a server behind bars.  No-one could reach this server without unlocking a padlock to a cyclone fenced gate and area.  This little server ran all the lines in this factory. At least it couldn't be interferred with.

Smothered Server

Over piles of parcels, at the back of a very wide bench, which people threw things on every moment of each working day; sat a sturdy little work horse.  This poor little server absolutely worked its guts out. At 10 years of age I was asked to check, why this poor little thing was giving trouble.

Server Storage

Prison Server

Yes, I have even had to go to Prison to work on equipment.  This believe it or not was a well maintained, tidy, clean and easy to use environment.  The only problem is that as a worker, I was not allowed to take in anything. No USB, No Mobile devices to assist – nothing.  Everything was left to my brain.  But at least the environment far excelled from many others.

Server storage

Sport Equipment Server

So, in a school who uses space and connections wisely.  I was taken to the sports Ball area.  In this area, sat their server.  Probably this server got knocked with many a football or netball as kids chucked in their equipment

Server Strorage

But the most common: Under the Desk Server

Just to show you how people coped.  It was not unusual to have servers under the desk.  Feet kicked, dust raised, next to blow heaters and working hard without any protection at all.  These little servers really worked hard without any understanding or respect from their owners.

So, What Happens Today?

Most clients have realised that the server needs more care.  This they find is too costly or difficult to offer, so many clients have moved to cloud computing to allow server management farms care for these excellent work horses.

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