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Only in Australia: Amazing Inventions or Questionable Solutions?

Here in Australia – due the extremities we live with, we have invented some really brilliant items that are used by the world every single day.  However, we have also done some really stupid things – like the army waging war on Emus and losing.  We either have amazing inventions or questionable solutions. The question is why do we keep trying new things?

The reason is simple – because we have to.

Our land is so remote, so tough that we have to think outside the square.  It is this ability to work outside of standards that has often led to incredible product developments.  These developments have been so incredible, that now the Australian Government has recognised this and is actually supporting and helping business owners to come up with new ideas.

Aussie inventor

Australian Inventions

You might ask what are some of these incredible inventions (here are just a few)

1945 - The Hills Hoist was invented – For those who are unaware, this is a sturdy clothes line that many Aussie children remember spending their childhood swinging on. The Hills Hoist is still used today.

1953 – Solar Hot Water

1958 – Black Box Flight Recorder

1961 – Ultrasound

1965 – Inflatable Escape Slides for Planes

1965 – Wine Cask Box - This is a cheap alternative to bottled wine. Also known as Goon.

1970  - Self Sharpening Knives

1972 – Orbital Engine

1972 – The Power board – Yes, the one that lets us plug many items to one socket safely

1974 – Super Socker – Best water pistol ever. No summer was ever the same without one!

1979 – Bionic Ear

1980 – Dual Flush Toilets

1984 – Frozen Embryo Baby

1992 – Spray on Skin

1992 – WIFI

2012 -  Quantum Bit followed by a 2015 Quantum Logic Gateway

As you can see there has been some absolutely outstanding inventions that Australia has given to the world, especially in Technology. You may be interested to know why.  Once again, it is this need to come up with solutions that are outside of the box – this is really a hallmark of Australians.

Every day at work I am faced with finding solutions that are not written in the manual. I need to think outside the box to keep my client happy and solve the issue they're having. I have to combine different techniques and strategies that haven't been thought of before. Check out this real example of how I created a solution in 1984. Amazing or questonable?

Aussie Way of Life Solutions

The Australian way of life has created slang such as "She'll be right" and "No worries". These words are often heard throughout the average day as we try to think outside the box and create solutions to issues others may not have thought about. Here are three examples of solutions that are either Amazing or rather Questionable:

  • The two Aussie blokes who designed motorised recliner chairs and took them for a drive through the streets of NSW
  • What about the Motorised Esky? This invention is seen as amazing especially if you have ever felt the weight of a full esky. In all honesty, my nephew has one of these.

Australian invention

  • And the underwater car or a pool in a car. These Adelaide blokes designed a car that could be filled with water while they drove it to the local drive through bottle-o due to their car having no air-conditioner.

These might be considered these amazing inventions or questionable solutions, it's upto you. But, I'm sure you are asking yourself why? Well, the answer is simple, "Why not?".

Aussie inventor

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