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Dealing with Clients from Hell - The Auzzie IT Way

Its 1984, Australia is a land of opportunity. Everyone has a job and is working way to hard. Most people have a color TV and computers are only for the rich and successful. At this point I have been creating ROMS with TEC and was working in their scanner and registers division.

As part of my role I was required to supply support to clients.  Like in any business, clients come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and difficulties.

I recall one client who enjoyed working well into the night and who had no difficulty calling me at 1am in the morning if things were going wrong. This went on for a while and so one day without her knowledge, I did something horrid. 

I had her machine perform a time check and if it was on past 20:00 hour it would a run a program that made it sound like a washing machine.

Sure enough, that night I received a call after 10 pm on my afterhours phone about her computer making weird noises. I told her that the latest updated included a heat tester and that if the computer was too hot it needed to run water to cooldown. The only solution was to let the computer rest and start again the next morning.

I never uninstalled that application and the client did stop calling me after hours. I guess it goes to show, your PC is not the only thing that needs a rest. 

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