Will Your Business Survive the Next IT Revolution?

Will Your Business Survive the Next IT Revolution?

4 out of 5 Businesses Won’t! 

Success or failure

In the past 5 years, billions of dollars have been invested by IT companies to enable flexibility in the business environment such as cloud computing, mobile apps, Google Searches and now Google Maps integration.

So what does this mean? 4 out of 5 businesses, you see today, will not survive the next 5 years.

Why will companies go out of business?online shopping

With the ability to use data globally, we are no longer limited to purchasing locally or using local companies to serve you.  This we are already seeing with companies taking their data processing and call centres offshore. This is losing us 1000’s of jobs.

Sales of items off the internet are now actually faster and easier than even going down the road to pick up items, such as a heater, clothes, printing, etc.  The list just goes on.

So in simple terms, flexibility e.g. the ability to be mobile, do more and cost less with IT – is a huge threat to employees and employers.

Finally, companies need less space as we are not storing physically as much paper or equipment. You will notice many companies are just using smaller spaces, and there are many “For Lease” properties on the market.

How can I survive as an employee?

As an employee, remember there are no guarantees, but I would suggest you look for the signs based on the checklist below to check that your company will be there.  If the signs don’t look good, then you need to consider working somewhere that will survive.

Will your Business Survive with the IT Globalisation changes?

  1. Do you have a unique speciality that cannot be duplicated?
  2. Do you have to have physical contact with your clients to deliver your product?

If you answered No to both of these questions – you are at risk with the flexibility that technology is bringing and you must prepare.  If you answered No to one of these questions, then you need to review how to improve your position with this globalisation checklist.

Business Survival Check List.

  1. What, in your company, can you streamline in? Plan and consider doing this.  Some examples are the manual duplication of tasks.
  2. Have you moved to the cloud? If not, it is time that you become mobile. This will cut your costs, improve your support and backups.  Overall this greatly improves your business.
  3. Is your website up to date, working on mobile devices etc. If not, you need to do this.
  4. What are your competitors doing? g. have they improved their services, their information, what they are delivering, their prices etc?  If so, you need to look at why and what you need to do.
  5. What are your non-local competitors doing? g. look at your industry from other countries perspectives e.g. if in Australia – look at America, New Zealand, and the UK.  For many companies, globalisation will mean offshore companies moving in on your territory.
  6. Have you looked at how the new technology can improve your delivery? In recent years there has been an explosion of new technology, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, wifi devices, pod casks, social media, Google Maps, Touch Screens, the list is almost endless.  You need to be aware and prepare.  Stay up to date with new launches.  I know CRM Map – and how this will revolutionise business deliverables and information will be a huge new piece of technology for business.
  7. Question / Question / Question! Just because that is the way it was always done, will no longer keep you in business.  You need to be prepared to do business in totally new ways.  So question everything you do.  Question Jobs.  Look at multitasking where ever possible.  Do not be afraid of technology – embrace it.

Technology is here to stay – you may as well be ahead of the game, and control your own destiny!

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