How embedded maps increases your SEO

Why does Google Maps increase SEO naturally?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is designed to show the correct information to a search in a browser.  Now, some of these searches will show web links to paid advertisers.  However, those under the paid advertising, are generally most suitable to the words you have entered in your search bar.    The natural web links are those that have not paid for the search engine to show their information at the top of the page. The web links after the advertising links are generally more appropriate for what you are seeking.

So why is this not simple?

Simply put, marketers learn how a Search Engine prioritises information and then they force their website to get to the top of the list.   As offshore people abuse Google Searches, Google has become smarter to weed out abuse and get to the real users and real interest. Not fake forced usage.

What is currently getting a web site to the top of a search list?

The top of the list is always the pay per click advertised webs. If you wish to be at the top – you pay, it is not natural, you pay.  However, those of us who use search engines every day, ignore the top few web sites, as we know they will not hold what we seek.  We always look from about no 3 onwards.  Otherwise, review what google is currently suggesting for their SEO improvements.

Why if I was on the first page 1 month ago, am I not there today?

Google is a marketing company.  They sell advertising. Google needs people to use their products so that they can sell advertising.  If people do not go to your website, then you are not going to be high on their list.  You can pay for it (advertising), or you have to make it.  Either way, it costs you in time and/or money.  It is a matter of getting people to be interested in your site.  This can be done with a range of tools and Google maps is one such viable and useful tool.

An Explanation of how Google Maps increases your SEO

Each time a customer clicks on your location or your API in google maps, then there is interest in your site, hence your SEO is raised naturally.  Think of this as getting ticks to show you are more interesting than your competition.

Now, if you use a tool with your Google API and this tool uses your Google API and is used on a daily basis, as part of your work, then naturally you are radically increasing your SEO.  This is where solutions such as CRM Map will naturally increase your SEO.

By your staff using Google Maps for Sales, Management, Deliveries, General information, each click, is a linking and naturally to your company.

Google Maps, is showing Google how often people refer to you, pass you, etc. so that this gives them powerful marketing knowledge that they can sell as advertising.

As a client once said to me “Some things are just better done with a map!”

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