I Auto – is it all that they say it is?

Google Maps in our Cars e.g. I Auto is it as good as they say it is?

Until about 1 week ago, I would have said absolutely, Yes.  Then one week ago, I had to find a place in the dark and there was no internet – Oh, Oh.  I was not aware I would lose the internet and there would be none there and I was stuck.

As luck had it, the phone still worked, and I had staff available to assist me otherwise, I was stuck in the middle of who knows where – and I had no guidance out – it was dark and to add to this rain was coming – plus I was on a dirt road.

So, I wondered – is the technology in our cars as good as the sales adverts propose it is?

I believe this depends on the country.  In most of our city areas cars are linked to the internet and are a brilliant thing; in fact, how did we ever survive before we had this technology?

But in country and remote areas, in Australia, where we have little or no internet,  I think we need to keep backups, and have alternatives.   In short, the I auto or Android Auto needs the internet.  However, I believe poor internet, is soon to be a thing of the past.

Why Use this Technology?

  • In simple terms – safety. Saving lives.  This is a much safer option than driving and trying to read a map on your own.  The technology tells you what you need to do.  So you don’t need to take your hands or eyes from the job you are doing.
  • Efficiency – Saving Time.
  • Flexibility – Available and assisting with issues like traffic problems etc.
  • Cost Saving. All the above things definitely saves on cost plus, as nearly everyone is using Google Maps, this saves costs on training.

What’s next?

Google are constantly updating their features and facilities.  IT companies are now beginning to see great advantage with Google map integration as many are using this for route planning, watching where a driver is up to, and now even direct integration with their company systems.

So, is it all that it’s Hyped up to be?

Simply stated, it is, both more and less.  The new Google Maps API’s are opening even more facilities for companies to access and use.  So for our cars it is more good in point of fact that you can do more than just select your own music, directions or check messages but less if you have internet drop outs. Therefore be wise in how and where you are using it.

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