Maps for MYOB

Maps for MYOB is the greatest breakthrough for MYOB Account Right since sliced bread – seriously.  CRM-Map which can be accessed from the MYOB app store or CRM-Map, allows the average user, to use their MYOB and turn it into a CRM – Customer Relationship Manager.

Why is CRM-Map so Fantastic?

Let me explain why this is so.  A lot of companies have data of their sales, and often emails, an electronic filing system, and sometimes also a database.  Now, today, it is known that data is the difference between a sustainable company and a non-sustainable one. But that data needs to be used, controlled and of quality.  With this data and the use of this fantastic MYOB Mapping tool, you really can bring this data to life and make it work for you.

Here are some examples on How you can do this

Lead Generation

Getting quality leads is hard and costly.  Using Google maps, and knowing that businesses often cluster, allows your staff, sales, technicians, even admin, to update on their phone via Google maps. Such data creates fantastic new opportunities to generate new business. By the single click on their phone with location finder on, they can just click on your designed information form. For example, Button for New device, service, supplies etc. if contact made and if so contact info.  All of a sudden you have a valuable lead. Your sales people will know how to take this information and turn it to a sale easily. All of this for basically no real cost and no extra staff to do this work.  Just being smarter and giving staff the tools to help you, helps your business grow.

Salesperson Tools

For many SME’s, giving useful tools to salespeople can be a very expensive exercise be it software, hardware or training.  Using some of the new apps can be a great solution. For salespeople a live, interactive Map to your data is brilliant. They can collect information, and present it to the salesperson in a useful manner increasing sales.  This can be used to track a wide range of things. For example, communications, meetings, taking notes, suggest timing, integrate with their outlook, or taking photos – the list goes on.

The biggest reason for this is the location finder and the common use and acceptance of Google maps today.  With a location finder, instead of having to look or search a clients’ records they are just there, as the location finder has put this data right in front of the salesperson without them even searching for it.

Another reason is that most Salespeople are people-people, not tech-people.  So, learning new software is hard for them.  However, Google maps has been designed to be a tool for everyone and most people are using it every day. Now everyone can use it in every way.

Legal Protection

If you have ever spent a day in the small claims court you will find that the SME cases seem to be so similar.  Where it started, what was promised and where it ended.  As they say, a picture speaks a 1000 words – if most of these people had photo’s and documents, then there would be no need for them to go to court.  Sometimes even a client needs to be reminded what something was, what was promised and what it turned out to be.

Having a tool that links to your accounts /sales – can really save you a lot of time and effort in the legal battlefield.

Plus it can be used as proof of delivery by you or your suppliers.  You may say what is the difference of this to a phone?  The difference is that this is automatically filing the images for you.  Your staff don’t have to remember to save them to the server and in the right space. These are saved to a record in your mapping solution. They will automatically transfer as per your integration rules.   It is a simple, no pain solution.

Customer Service

You can even use Google Maps as a QA follow up. Take notes or photos post servicing a client; add new ideas, leads etc.  The best part is that this information will help you grow your business, with new ideas, leads, and improved QA. Plus, you really can keep your data history together and linked.


Having your franchises, with skills/products with their own icons, and even different icons have different colours. Each Icon can have their own drill down and linked URL.

Or you can use your data as a website sales tool – who uses your product (please make sure you ask that all important privacy question).  Existing sales can bring new sales, e.g. Re-roofing, it is great to see who also has a roof from this company, and you can walk down the street and see if you like the work, or ask your neighbour.  This is great on sell feature and the web can also be an intra web, not external if you have not asked the privacy question.

Personally, I have mapped many clients MYOB data and without fail each and every time I show them how it looks on the map there is a huge WOW factor.  This wow, can really assist sales, boost perception and encourage everyone to do even better.

Maps for MYOB    Isn’t it time you considered using your MYOB data to grow your business?

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