Are Company Databases now part of AI?

I have pondered if Company databases are now being influenced by Artificial Intelligence ideals and abilities.  In simple terms I believe we are the closest we have ever been to seeing this in reality.  I also believe that in the next few years, companies that embrace AI will be our leading companies, due to increased profits, speed of delivery, quality of workplace, etc.  I would like to share these ideas with you.

Database History

Being a programmer of 35 years experience, I have certainly seen the changes in databases.  Since DB2 – to current MS SQL, or MY SQL there have been changes, most of them subtle.

The changes we have seen have been:

  • GUI
  • Dynamic storage
  • Rollbacks
  • Record locking improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Speed improvements.

However, with all of these improvements, databases are essential the same.  They are a data storage device, that can be programmed to be accessed, manipulated and displayed in various ways.

What is New?

What is really new for databases is the ability to access the exact desired data, faster, and in various ways.  For example scanners, let you find a product, or a service, QR codes allow us to go to a specific web page.  Now, Google Maps, lets you access data without looking it up, if you are at the location.  You can also see your data live on a map.  This new Mapping ability, will be as big for businesses as Scanners are to supermarkets.  Let us look at some of these benefits of this new ability

  • Speed to access the correct data by location – without looking for it.
  • Improved Map decision making ability for Management
  • Increased safety for those travelling.

Added to this, many of the current products around have other facilities added to their products – CRM Map, has been busy adding other database company tools that have been requested by clients.

When should a company take on these new technologies?

This is actually a hard question.  I have been asked this question by companies for the last 35 years, so here is my answer.  Being the first off the block can be expensive, as can being the last, but the expense is vastly different as far as impact. Let me explain. The first to embrace new technology can have some wasted money in the R and D. If the R and D has been done for you (e.g. you have an existing product you can try), then you should look at the new technology and see how it can assist you.

The longer you wait, the more edge you give your competition.  It is also why so many companies end up going out of business – which is the other end of the spectrum.  Technology is changing business and businesses need to accept which technologies to take on and which not to.  These minor decisions will end up changing the path and opportunities that a company will have.

What should you do?

Review, Consider and decide.

I know this sounds like you do this every day, but with technology you should do this as well.  As databases move closer to AI, it is important that you elect to take on and not take on, facilities that will give you the edge over your competition.  You need to embrace that change is inevitable, but control and decide what change you wish to accept.  Be also aware that not accepting change, is in itself a decision and path that you are taking.

I am excited.

I am so happy that company databases are becoming more useful, flexible and assisting for companies.  In fact, I cannot express how wonderful it has been to see databases and their uses develop.  I am seriously looking forward to the next 10 years of database development.

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