How would Google Maps increase my profits?

Google Maps Marketing Sales Support

Good sales people increase your profits.  The trick is to have all good sales people and supply them the tools that will improve their productivity and therefore your profits.

2 years ago, when was first conceived, I was working with a very sales intensive Solar company.  They took sales from Telemarketing, through to direct visit, installation and QA follow up.  Each of these people used Google Maps and printouts or screens to see and update their data.  The idea of improving their productivity was the idea behind

Tele Marketing:

The telemarketer generally is calling a list of people that they have. Some are follow ups and others are new calls.  Their idea is to book a salespersons appointment to sell their company’s products.  The problem is that most Telemarketers, do not realize locations, so in one day, they could have the sales person wasting hours driving.  When if they entered their data straight into a map, which is color coded, e.g. each day (Zone) could be a color.  This way, they are minimizing wasted sales person timing.  By using Google Maps, for all data entry and bookings, you save time on training, wasted sales person valuable time, and you are collecting all the data in one simple method.

Sales People:

Sales people can be very expensive if not well utilized.  So it is very important to make sure that you get the most out of your salesperson.  Google maps can help you here.  When visiting a call and demonstrating your product, they can enter their whole call sheet, expenses, notes etc. all off google maps.  Plus, as they pass other clients or prospects, they can key in the data about these other prospects.  For example. If selling to residential customers, your sales person could ask if any neighbor’s might be interested, or if selling to business customers, most businesses are in clusters, so as your salesperson passes other business prospects, they can put in notes about these prospects that may assist get sales in the future.


All the notes that the salespeople took and the address, and how to get there, are now available at the click of a button.  Plus, they can take photos of their installation and make any other notes that they see – and this also comes straight back to your data.


So often this is an area that is missed. However, if you are they kind of company that does follow up their sales and installations with a QA follow up, then having all the data from the sales person and the installer, will be really helpful, especially if there is an issue.

Finally – how can this help you – the owner or manager?

The old adage of a picture speaks a 1000 words is true.  If you use icons and colors to indicate sales, installs etc.  By seeing your data on google maps, you can see where to invest your time.  Often sales are based on a location, e.g. new housing area, new businesses, old business renovating etc.  You may see patterns of other data that you can take advantage of.  This is where google maps can really help you target and improve your sales.

Plus, Google Maps is a simple easy tool that most of us use all the time, so you reduce cost in training.  Giving your staff the right tools for the job, will improve their productivity and your profits.

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