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CRM-Map repurposes Google Maps as pathway to sales

Adelaide, Australia:  A fresh, cloud-based approach to Customer Relationship Management software, CRM-Map, has been launched today with the goal to transform the way sales teams use Google Maps.

CRM-Map Co-Founder, Cate Schafing of Accede Holdings, says by using Google Maps as the single entry point for adding new clients or prospects, or reviewing market regions, sales people, marketers and support staff will find CRM usage much more intuitive and therefore will be more likely to keep it updated.

“CRM systems are only as good as the data that sales teams, marketers and support staff enter,” says Ms Schafing.

“By using Google Maps as the interface for adding, updating or filtering sales and leads information, we have chosen a system that needs almost no training and therefore makes it dead simple for achieving high rates of CRM compliance.

“We are so confident organisations will migrate away from their complicated, expensive CRM systems that we’re offering a three month free trial; three times longer than the industry average!”

CRM-Map co-developer, Laurie Bilby, says with her background in sales and business development, she expects smart organisations to leap at the ability of being able to view clients and prospects as markers on a map, all ranked with colour codes and custom icons.

“Knowledge is power in the business world and any organisation that can get up-to-the-minute status reports of their markets at a glance will be streets ahead of their competition or industry,” says Ms Bilby.

“We also believe our decision to not charge per user, positions CRM-Map as a revolutionary advance in CRM solutions because organisations will carry less overhead, less training requirements and realise ROI much faster.

“I think it’s fitting that our Google Maps interface ensures no more leads or sales people go missing en route to new sales opportunities,” she said.

CRM-Map is adaptable for use by not for profits, social enterprises, federal, state and local tiers of government and their departments, NGOs and political parties. Location-based mapping makes it easy and affordable to track clients, assets, volunteers, services and donors. CRM-Map – is the interactive Graphic interface for all your primary CRM Data.



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